The Beijing Olympic boycott is natural. Japan should do the same.

The US has indicated its intention to boycott the Beijing Olympics, and the Chinese government is repulsing.

The Chinese government has professed world domination and is actually expanding menacing military operations in the South China Sea and the Senkaku Islands, which is the territory of Japan.
In the first place, China is a dictatorship of the Communist Party and supports North Korea, the same dictatorship. In Myanmar's military coup, I think China is behind the scenes.

Democracies have taken reconciliation measures against China's hegemonic actions in consideration of China's economic power, but should not take reconciliation measures against this China. It is the same situation that Western countries took reconciliation measures with Nazi Germany before World War II. The result was disastrous.

What should Japan do for the time being? The current administration will not be able to make a decision. It is unfortunate.

"The Beijing Olympic boycott is natural. Japan should do the same." へのコメントを書く